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Divine Love Making

Posted on June 17, 2021 by Royal Shown

What's the human body's pure sexuality? Essentially, the body is a world unto itself. Every internal and external organ works in conjunction with one another to assure the existence of the system. The intelligence which governs the body occurs naturally, and doesn't require you to think. For instance: Do you need to tell your heart to conquer? Of course not. Pure Sexuality is the innocent understanding of love within the body. The magnetic strength of pure anger brings the Divine in another so as to provide each quality of Love This wisdom or knowledge directs the entire body through the making of love throughout the body's senses.

This is also called making love with the Divine in you and in your spouse. This is the way a religious being of love makes bodily love When two partners combine with the conscious intent to create Divine physical love there's absolutely no thinking necessary and the love between the spouses is then amplified as their vibrations are increased.

How does our thinking get in the way when making love? Ideas get in the way when certain demands or expectations are put on the experience, instead of every partner being at the moment experiencing the gorgeous sensations that occur naturally. Ideas also get in the way when allowed to visit other places, persons or events in the past or to future imaginings throughout the love making. When this happens, we lose the link to the pure novelty of the human body or the Divine.

Everybody has experienced Divine love making at any time or another. These are the sensational moments once we come together without consideration involved. We experience the excellent fire and connection with our spouse through the sensations of their bodies. After the love making ends, we create the vibration of wellbeing and calmness that's familiar in the presence of the others. We recall these times and may long to replicate them, but they can't be recreated by considering them.

You can't create Divine physical love by needing to recreate the past as your ideas are in the way. Creating Divine Physical love needs you to be the love that you're in the moment and to give from this location with no expectations or requirements. If Jesus and Mary made physical love we think this is the way they would have practiced.

What do you suppose would happen if more people practiced making love this way? Practicing Divine love making may heal and restore an existing connection or build a powerful base in a new connection. This may be what's required to terminate the disharmony, pain and unhappiness that many suffer from now.

Man and woman have forgotten the way to naturally engage the body's pure sexuality to be able to create Divine physical love This historical knowledge was buried under the piles of self improvement and self justification that humankind has been practicing for centuries. Giving up these behaviors is the key to freedom and the greatest challenge to understanding the way to Divine love

When pure sexuality is present, the making of love between woman and man releases energies which are stored in the bodies creating an area for LOVE to enlarge which raises the vibratory rates of every individual. Making love then becomes a chance to grow the wisdom of love and restore harmony. This occurs through the launch of the finer energies that are exchanged through the organs of love during the making of love This is a really terrific miracle and girls can especially benefit from these releases, as they often save more emotion in their bodies than men do. This also can be transformational and restore man and woman for their true nature or the being the love that they're.

Practicing Divine love making is as natural as breathing when we get our ideas out of the way. The effort is in the excellent undoing that has to occur to permit the Authority of love to control our lives. We can go back to this gorgeous state of being by practicing honest communication and making our goals with our spouses pure. The Authority of Love is ever present and available to us each moment. When we consciously choose to align with this existence, we start to experience more Divine love in our own lives. Is there anyone in the world that wouldn't benefit from having more love in their life?

People who choose to consciously practice Divine love making can undergo a transformation which rewards their connections through the understanding of something larger than themselves. This is the wonderful power of the Authority of Love that resides inside each of us.