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First Date Sex? Should You?

Posted on September 21, 2021 by Royal Shown

Everybody on TV seems to be tumbling into bed on the first date nowadays, but should you? Absolutely not, and I don't care if you've been celibate since 1996.

Here's why:

1. Chances are, you've just met the man. You know nothing about him, let alone if he bathes daily, or if he is one of those losers who picks his nose at stoplights.

2. My OB/GYN estimates that two out of five people are walking around with Herpes Simplex II. Some of them do not even know it. Do you want to become one of the two out of five?

3. If you have sex with a guy on a first date, how do you know that he doesn't leap into the sack with every other woman he meets? Do you really want to get involved with someone that simple? He doesn't make quality boyfriend or husband material. All right then, how about third-date sex?

You may really be ripe for action, but I recommend waiting. You can learn far more about a man (without clouding your judgment) if you keep sex out of the equation until the time is right. And waiting builds enthusiasm!

You're not as likely to have bad sex with a man you have taken your time with than with some clown you hit the sheets with too soon.

Needless to say, you risk being dumped if you don't jump into bed right away with certain guys. But think about it: Wouldn't you rather be dumped than be saddled with someone who's so completely superficial and self-involved.