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Just Not In The Mood? On Being Frigid

Posted on May 9, 2022 by Royal Shown

Let’s get a very important factor clear - the word ‘frigid’ has some unpleasant connotations & most people no more utilize it. It’s still used by teenage boys who cannot get attention from girls every other way, however when discussing sexual problems nowadays, sexperts will use among the many more specific conditions associated with sexual disorders.

Sexual problems are usually split into four areas - issues with desire to have sex, issues with arousal (physical and emotional), orgasmic difficulties, and painful intercourse. Each problem may have a number of different aspects to it - and these might become more complex than straightforward physical disorders. Understand that everyone is exclusive, and particularly if it involves sex, there is absolutely no ‘right or wrong’ total have or want. People do have different sex drives, and a lot of people only need different life priorities. There could be emotional or mental things to consider, including the person’s underlying attitudes to sex or past experiences.

However, if you’re experiencing problems in your sex life that exceed a notable difference in the libido of you as well as your partner, some of the more prevalent causes might be:

Insufficient foreplay

Frequently, pain or discomfort during intercourse occurs due to the fact there's not been plenty of time spent arousing the girl. It often takes a few momemts at least of physical stimulation prior to the vagina is wet enough for sex - and foreplay is merely too good to rush! Get one of these lubricant (water-based, such as KY jelly), if you may still find dryness issues.


Women could find that after childbirth or menopause their desire fluctuates or appears to lessen. This may be due to various complex factors, but one opportunity is a drop in the degrees of testosterone, the hormone in charge of our libido. Lab tests can be carried out to check the amount of testosterone in the blood.


Certain pharmaceuticals and medicines can dampen libido - included in these are anti-depressants, sedatives and even the contraceptive pill. You must check the info on your medication for side effects, and talk to your doctor if you believe this may be creating problems. They might be in a position to suggest alternatives. Usually do not stop taking medication without consulting your physician.

Emotional Issues

Men and women can experience the sudden or gradual lessening of desire. This may be due to emotional upset or past traumas, and the ultimate way to deal with it is most likely by consulting a specialist. Sexual problems can be complex and difficult to take care of - not least because many people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing this area. If the condition is due to past abuse or bad experiences, it could be a great deal to expect somebody to know how to approach. Sex or relationship counselling is proposed by numerous therapists, psychologists and counsellors. Getting a counsellor will depend on whom you are feeling preferred with. Asking your physician for advice might be considered a good location to start.