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Soft Swinging Basics

Posted on May 2, 2024 by Royal Shown

If you imagine you are aroused by the mere notion of swinging, just wait and soon you jump in. Reading doesn't do swinging justice at all--only feeling and touching lead to truly believing.

As you almost certainly know, soft swinging may be the first attempt at swinging for most couples and interested folks. Heck, you might have already tried soft swinging without even realizing it.

You had several way too many drinks, got just a little friendly with someone's husband. And you also knew darn well that it wasn't about love or unfaithful to your lover, it had been about animal lust.

Maybe he smelled perfectly or she was wearing a thing that displayed her best assets...

If IT WILL Happen Spontaneously

The lights are low. Maybe you're at a celebration together with your partner and you've become separated for an instant. You're still fully alert to where in fact the other is, nevertheless, you just let an instant take you. You might have already discussed the possibility at this time.

So continue. Let's see where in fact the sexual tension might lead.

A little touch here, a stroke there. It could even be as simple as an extended, slow kiss. You close your eyes and disappear in as soon as.

And imagine if you catch your husband or partner from the corner of one's eye?

It's incredibly erotic to see your lover with another person, even though it's 'innocent' in the first place. Merely to see hands which have touched you running down somebody else's skin could be a turn on alone.

Watching could possibly be the perfect solution to begin in soft swinging. It is a smart way to seduce oneself into engaging in the action.

Perhaps you merely needed just a little 'motivation' to begin with.


Of course, you might have already decided that 'something' may be happening on a specific evening. You've sat and talked for some time, once the conversation turns to sex.

But planning doesn't ensure it is any less hot or exciting.

Maybe it starts with only a massage of the shoulders or perhaps a transfer to another's personal space.

Now can be your chance to do it now. Avoid being shy; you understand that another one wants it.

You can get back to your senior high school days and just find out, or it is possible to go on it further with blatant groping and stroking. Explore this new person, what do they feel just like? Why is them not the same as your lover?

But keep it cool at this time because you're just starting, just teasing really at this stage. You need to keep everyone excited and anxious for next time.

Your hearts are racing as well as your minds are anxious for next time.

But go slow. Wanting more from the swinging experience is an excellent thing and you also want to ensure that you're completely comfortable before upgrading the action.

And the very best section of slow swinging is that you will get to go back home with somebody that's just prepared to finish off whatever was already started.