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Tantra for Beginners

Posted on September 22, 2019 by Royal Shown

If you’d prefer to take your sex life to an increased plane, you might like to consider introducing some tantric ways to your lovemaking. That is ways to control and manipulate your sexual energy - including exchanging energy with your lover and prolonging orgasm.

Tantra is more than simply a way to more strong orgasm, however. It’s an Eastern practice which involves the complete mind, body and soul. You might extend the practise from the bedroom, as Tantra includes techniques that make a difference the entire life-style. By harnessing your sexual energy and directing it towards parts of the body or mind, you can enhance energy and clear blockages. Tantric practise does mean treating the body as well as your partner’s body as sacred. Sexual ecstasy sometimes appears as a divine feeling and sex as a skill which involves special skills.


Essentially the most fundamental practical facet of Tantric sex is breathing practise. This may mean controlling your breathing during intercourse to bring your attention back again to today's, or synchronising your breath with your lover’s. Sucking in time with your lover can result in a sense of merging or union that is very intimate and moving. Yoga and meditation teach breathing exercises that may be incorporated into the Tantric sessions - try focussing over a slow, long out breath to regulate your breathing, in conjunction with deep breaths from your diaphragm. When you breath this way, bring your focus on your lover and their breathing.


Tantra is not about turning sex into a marathon of 100 different positions, however the Kama Sutra does form area of the teachings of Tantra. Working the right path through every position is not area of the plan, though. Sexual positions should be explored, and generally you’re researching to prolong your lovemaking. Multiple orgasms for both man and woman are area of the fun - for him this implies understanding how to orgasm without ejaculation. This implies he must figure out how to control the muscle at the bottom or ‘root’ of his penis. Women can enhance their orgasmic potential by contracting their pelvic floor muscles - try clenching as if holding in a pee, then releasing. Do that for cycles of around 10 seconds at the same time, each and every time you remember.

The main areas of Tantra are to respect yourself as well as your partner. Instead of seeing sex as a ‘naughty’ or secret activity, devotees should give attention to the sacred and spiritual areas of lovemaking. Ultimately, there exists no-one clear definition of Tantra as every follower has his / her own interpretation. For individuals who practise Tantric sex, the knowledge is one of regular discovery. You too should come to possess your own knowledge of this is of Tantra the greater you practise the easy techniques of slowing, attending to and giving respect to the act of sex.